Privacy Policy

Misty Meadows respects and protects the privacy of everyone who uses its website and services. Under no circumstances will any information enabling you to be identified be disclosed to other parties without your permission being sought and obtained beforehand. All data is processed in total confidence and in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This website may contain links to other sites that are not under the control of Misty Meadows. These other websites may have their own privacy and data protection policy and we recommend that you read their statements on data protection and privacy.

Personal Data
“Personal data” refers in particular to details of your surname, first name, date of birth and electronic or postal address that could be used in order to identify you. You are able to browse through the Misty Meadows website without being required to provide any personal data. To contact Misty Meadows, all you have to do is use our contact details, as shown in the Contact tab for the site (postal address, telephone, e-mail address) and to state the subject of your enquiry. No personal data is stored on the site.

Anonymous information
Misty Meadows may ask you for information about how you browse the Internet (type of browser, operating system, pages visited, etc.). For example, when you visit our website, our server will automatically recognise certain items of non-personal information, including but not restricted to, the date and time of your visit, the pages viewed, the referrer (the site you come from), the type of browser you are using, the type of operating system you are using and the domain name of your Internet access provider.

Method used to collect data
Misty Meadows does not collect personal data automatically. We only gather data that you are willing to share with us. For example, when you ask us for an estimate or for information about our services, or when you place an order with us. The data that we receive from you is processed in accordance with the GDPR.

Type of data recorded
We make a record of your first name, your surname, your e-mail address, your telephone number, your postal address and your position/job title in your company. This data is grouped in an individual electronic client record in our in-house management system. This data is not available online. However, it can be accessed by you should you so request.

Reason for recording data
We gather data so that we can manage the business relationship between you and Misty Meadows. The main aim is so that we can submit personalised price quotes in line with your enquiry, as well as carry out the services you ask for and monitor the results of the tasks we carry out for you. We also keep you informed of the status of any work underway on your behalf, raise invoices for the services provided and access the history of your orders, etc. The data recorded is also used and retained for the purpose of fulfilling our accounting and tax obligations.

Protecting your data
Misty Meadows has taken technical and organisational measures, in line with the GDPR, to secure the databases in which your data is kept against unlawful access, unauthorised access and the loss or theft of your data. Our security measures are assessed and adjusted on a regular basis so that we are able to provide you with a high level of protection and security at all times.

Your rights
You have the right, simply by requesting it, to view, amend or delete any personal data that we hold with regard to you.

Terms of Business

Art. 1
These terms of business apply to all contractual matters between Misty Meadows and its clients. Unless expressly agreed otherwise in advance and in writing, these terms will take precedence over any contradictory terms and conditions used by co-contractors.

Art. 2
Unless expressly requested otherwise in advance and in writing, Misty Meadows will decide freely about the style of its translations, as well as about particular words and/or spelling used when a choice has to be made – particularly for languages spoken in several countries. Misty Meadows will accept no liability in this regard.

Art. 3
Price quotes and estimates from Misty Meadows are valid for a maximum of one month and do not become contractually binding until they have been accepted in writing (confirmation e-mail from the client), unconditionally and without reservation.The prices stated in these price quotes and estimates exclude VAT and other charges. Where applicable, these prices do not prevent Misty Meadows from increasing the price agreed initially on account of circumstances beyond its control that were unforeseen at the time the contract was entered into. Consequently, Misty Meadows may invoice a surcharge for modifications made to a text to be translated while the work is already underway or not specified at the time the order was placed. In the same way, Misty Meadows reserves the right to invoice additional charges incurred due to the late or incomplete delivery by the client of the information required to carry out the translation.

Art. 4
Invoices from Misty Meadows must be paid within thirty days of their date of issue into the bank account specified on the invoice, without any discount or reduction.
Should the client fail to pay on time and without the need for service of default, the client will be required to pay a fixed amount of interest set at 1% per month, plus a 15% indemnity charge with a minimum of € 50, both of which will be calculated on the original amount of the invoice. Any non-payment of invoices from Misty Meadows will authorise the agency automatically to suspend all orders underway without Misty Meadows being required to pay any form of compensation in the matter.

Art. 5
The delivery lead-times provided by Misty Meadows are strictly indicative only. Except where there is gross negligence or deliberate misconduct, Misty Meadows may not be held liable for the payment of any compensation on account of a deadline not being met.

Art. 6
Any case of force majeure will exonerate Misty Meadows from any liability and will authorise it either to extend the contract or to cancel it in whole or in part with no obligation to pay compensation. In such a case, the client may not claim any form of damages and will remain liable to make payment for all works undertaken.

Art. 7
In the event of an order being cancelled by the client, Misty Meadows will be entitled not only to claim full payment for work already carried out, but also to receive payment corresponding to 50% of the price agreed between the parties for the balance of the order.

Art. 8
Misty Meadows has an obligation of means only, not an obligation as to results. Under any circumstances, the liability of Misty Meadows is limited to the amount invoiced, excluding VAT, for any work that may be disputed. Any complaint about a piece of work or invoice from Misty Meadows must be lodged by registered letter at the latest eight days after receipt of the invoice or work, otherwise it will be deemed inadmissible.

Art. 9
The client will have full access to the translations carried out by Misty Meadows without paying any additional cost to the amount invoiced. However, the client should be aware that Misty Meadows does not accept any liability regarding the use of said translation if such has not been specified at the time and with the order.

Art. 10
Should any clause of these Terms of Business be declared null and void, it will not render the article containing said clause null and void, nor will it affect the entirety of these Terms of Business. Any clause declared null and void must be replaced by another, valid, clause the sense of which is as close as possible to the original intention of the parties.

Art. 11
These General Terms of Business are governed by Belgian law. Any dispute between the parties will come under the jurisdiction of the courts in Walloon Brabant. However, any disputes regarding the quality of the work carried out by Misty Meadows will be submitted to an outside translator chosen by mutual agreement by the parties. If the parties fail to agree, each party will designate a translator who, together, will designate a third translator tasked with chairing their review board. The costs of this procedure will be borne by the party deemed to be in the wrong.