ISO 9001 Quality Assurance

Our best practices and ISO 9001 system are designed to streamline the administrative side of the workflow and comply with the requirements both of your organisation and ours. Misty Meadows uses a combination of automated project management tools, rationale and flexibility to deliver the best results, even when tight deadlines are involved.
How do you place an order?


Simply send your request for a price quote or order to Misty Meadows, specifying the language combination(s), the required deadline, the purchase order number associated to your project, and the entity to be billed.


On the date the job is due to be delivered, you will receive the translation and/or copy by e-mail, together with the final cost and your reference/purchase order to facilitate the administrative processing on your end.


You will receive confirmation of the acceptance of your order, with our job ID and cost estimate, by return e-mail.


Misty invoices are sent automatically and electronically (PDF format) to your Accounts Payable department.


Misty Meadows' quality service has been recognised for its excellence in a variety of business circles for nearly four decades. Today we are promoting business interaction in various industries and encouraging mutual contacts in our fields of competence, via our membership of Cercle de Wallonie, Cercle Chapel, Cercle du Lac, Alliance BW, BNI Connect and LinkedIn.

Our Language Combinations