Our Core Business

Editorial Translation
We “rewrite” in the target language
making full use of nuances.
We keep the essence of your message.
We carefully choose the proper wording
tailored to your audience.

Language Consultancy
We evaluate your documents based on
stylistic and grammatical criteria.
We keep lexicons up to date.
We check consistency.
We improve terminology.

Copywriting & Rewriting
We write or rewrite your documents,
based on your requirements.
We take into account criteria such as:
tone of voice, audience, channel,
type of media (electronic or paper).

Layout & Publishing
Our professional designers
create templates,
design page layouts
to publish and print documents
on electronic or traditional media.

Revision & Editing
Level 1 = revision
Correcting typos and grammatical errors
Level 2 = line editing
Optimising style and re-formulating
Level 3 = restructuring and rewriting

We set up teams of interpreters.
We coordinate simultaneous or
consecutive interpreting projects,
including technical facilities
in Belgium or abroad.