Translations you can trust

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Misty Meadows offers

best-in-class translation, editing and copywriting services that meet your needs in terms of quality, deadlines and budget for perfect multi-language communication.

Your Needs

In a multi-language environment, you want to deliver:
- the right message
- at the right time
- to the right audience

Our Mission

Our professional team formulates your message in the target language:
- accurately
- on time
- using the proper wording for the target group


Your business and reputation require communication that is beyond reproach, regardless of the language used. You can trust the people we work with – they are all highly experienced.


  • Expertise in editorial translation
  • Native mother-tongue professionals
  • 40 years of experience
  • Quality Assurance based on ISO 9001
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  • Fast & Flexible
  • Lean structure
  • Anticipating your needs
  • Close interaction between parties

Misty Meadows - Translations you can trust.